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Travel Tips


Let Us Help You to Make Your Tour Successful

Here you will find some explanations, as well as helpful hints we believe will assist you in the successful execution of your tour. If these points seem obvious, please do not be offended.



  1. Leave sufficient time to organize a tour. Commitments and payments come slowly. Realistic schedules concerning deposits cut-off dates and final payments are helpful.
  2. Limit our options. Too many choices confuse tour participants.
  3. Check you calendar of events before you select a date. It may be difficult to re- schedule your tour.
  4. Apply early for approval by your supervisor or other central office.
  5. Consider the age and profile of your group. Bear in mind the tolerance for time spent on the Motorcoach, the ability to stand on line, and the attention span of the tour participants.
  6. Try to avoid busy days such as Fridays and holiday periods. Crowds do not help to make for a successful tour.
  7. Brief your participants. Meetings prior to the tour and classroom lessons are essential for the preparation of the tour. Everyone likes to know what to expect.



  1. Our prices are based on 50 paying tour participants. Remember that less paying participants will pay a higher per person price. Always add on a few dollars to our price to cover a lower number of paying participants or any other contingency.
  2. When comparing price, be sure to compare apples to apples. Be certain that you are aware of what is included in the price and what is not. Be certain that tour participants are well advised.
  3. We offer complimentary tours at a ratio of 1 free per 10 paying for student tours, and 1 per 25 paying for adult tours. Additional adults (beyond the 1 per 10 ratio) on a student tour will be charged a higher rate due to charges at attractions and restaurants. Please advise these adults of the charges before you begin to collect money.
  4. Please note that a minimum gratuity for the tour director and driver is included in our tour price. If they effectively contribute to the success of the tour, a gratuity would be appreciated.


The Tour

The Motorcoach

  1. We strive to offer the best equipment for our tours. The condition of the coach (including the air-conditioning and lavatory) are of mutual concern.
  2. Inspect the coach before and after the tour with your tour director and/or driver. It is for the protection and comfort of the tour participants.
  3. Never allow tour participants on the coach without the supervision of the person in-charge of the tour. “One If By Land” personnel are not chaperones, and cannot supervise.
  4. A seating plan in advance, taking into consideration the needs of the individual tour participants, will eliminate problems on the coach while the tour is in progress.
  5. The tour director must always occupy the first seat on the aisle in order to communicate with the driver.
  6. Chaperones should be strategically positioned throughout the coach. Everyone knows that problems generally gravitate to the rear of the coach. If all chaperones are seated in the front of the coach, facing forward, the rear of the coach is unsupervised.
  7. It is unsafe to be standing while the motorcoach is moving. Everyone must remain seated while the coach is moving!
  8. The noise level of the coach affects the safety of the vehicle. Please help us by monitoring the noise level and by keeping it at a reasonable and safe level. All audio/video devices should be used with some form of headphone or earplug.
  9. The lavatory is for emergencies. Excessive use or abuse of the lavatory will make the coach uncomfortable for all. We advise the restriction of the lavatory to emergencies only!


The Attractions

  1. Select your attractions carefully with your participants’ needs in mind. Inappropriate attractions only lead to morale problems. If you are in doubt, utilize our expertise in this area.
  2. Do not try to overload your itinerary. Long lines at popular attractions, traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances will create tremendous pressure on everybody. A rushed tour is not a memorable one!
  3. An orientation about the attractions and what to expect will save time and effort and will make the visit more rewarding. We will be happy to forward any material which will assist with an orientation.
  4. Almost all attractions require that the group be divided into groups of ten with 1 chaperone per group of ten. Please divide your group and inform them of this division prior to the tour. This will avoid chaos.
  5. The Restaurants
  6. While restaurants want group tour business, many impose a great deal of restrictions on us. Limited menus are often offered in order to expedite the preparation and serving time. Please explain to your group the type of menus or limits placed upon them before they sit down to eat.
  7. Due to behavior problems in restaurants, many restaurants now require that 1 chaperone be seated at each table during the meal. While this may be the only time to take a break from the students, it may likely result in problems. Please make every attempt to comply with their wishes.
  8. If there are any special needs regarding diet, please notify our office in advance so that we may serve you properly. In the event that you find out during the course of the tour, approach our tour director and allow him/her to try to resolve your problem.


The Hotel

  1. We carefully select hotels that work with us and understand the needs of a group. We always seek the best value for our clients. We cherish these relationships because they help us to offer the best product to you.
  2. Examination of sleeping quarters before and after the tour will deter any mischief, will notify the management of any problems, and will protect the tour participant from any claims of damage. Our tour director will assist you with this task.
  3. We want to help you with the supervision. If the hotel has not blocked your rooms appropriately let our tour director know. Also, try to position your chaperones strategically. You know your group!
  4. Rooming lists are the official registration at the hotel. Unless the hotel has that list in their possession, they will require each individual to register at the desk. Needless to say, our itinerary will be negatively affected. Please send the rooming list at least 14 days prior to the tour date so that the hotel has their official registration.
  5. While students are children who may be more excited about their tour than the adults, they are in an adult setting and must respect the rights of other hotel guests around them. Please be conscious of the hours and the traffic in the halls. Try to limit the use of the telephone especially from room to room.
  6. The Tour Director & Tour Guide
  7. Tour directors and tour guides are strangers in most cases. They are as uncertain and uncomfortable as the group allows them to be. Try to make them feel as if they are part of the group. These people are valuable assets.
  8. Please help the tour guide and tour director with the attention and respect of the group. They do not have marking books to penalize rude or inconsiderate tour participants.
  9. Our escort is present to facilitate your tour. He or she is trained to be flexible and to make changes during the tour. Please work with this person for the benefit of the tour participants.


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