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The One If By Land Tours Travel Club was formed to serve individuals and small groups. To date, it is our only per capita venture. We utilize a newsletter as a means of communicating with more than three thousand members. Each quarter we offer a series of tours that range from day trips to multi-day trips. The destinations may be local or international. Membership in the club is free.


Welcome to one of the most exciting divisions of One If By Land Tours – the Travel Club. What is our Travel Club? Our travel club, unlike others from competitors, is free. Most of our 3,000 plus members came to us through recommendation. Our members receive a newsletter quarterly. The offering of day trips and overnight trips will be listed and described in each issue of Freedom Trail. Tour offerings change based on requests, special events and exhibitions, affordable opportunities. We are grateful to our loyal clients and look forward to establishing new friendships.

Besides being free, what makes our Travel Club unique? Our tours are generally priced well below those of our competitors. Discounts range from 15-30% on most trips. We use our experience and outstanding reputation to negotiate on behalf of our members. We pre-buy show tickets at huge savings to our clients. Many of our show packages are priced with transportation and lunch for less than the price of an orchestra seat.

The type of tours we offer makes us unique. Our appeal is to those who are tired of the same old thing. While we will repeat some classics, each newsletter is filled with at least 80% new tours. The goal is to be relevant and ahead of the curve. We try to not repeat tours unless they are hugely popular and demanded by our members.

We listen to our members. The input motivates us to constantly improve. Perhaps that is why our membership and tour registration continues to grow in more than 35 years of serving our New York friends.

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